About OSP

About OSP

The following sixteen members were unamniously elected to that body.

1. Dr. N. E. Christy (Taxila). 2. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Cheema (Daska).
3. Dr. M. Shafi, (Multan). 4. Dr. Miss Rasheeda.
5. Dr. Riaz Ali Shah, (Lahore). 6. Dr. A. D. Minhas, (Karachi).
7. Dr. Salim Mahmood, (Railways). 8. Dr. M. M. Ahmad, (Karachi).

At this stage Dr. K. Sadik Hussain pointed out that as the vice president had been elected he should occupy the chair. Prof. R. A. Syed occupied the chair on the stage. The proceedings started again.

9. Dr. Abdul Aziz Ch., (Sialkot). 10. Dr. Kazi A. Jabbar, (Peshawar).
11. Dr. Manazar Hussain, (Hyderabad). 12. Dr. A. Majeed, (Lahore).
13. Dr. Imdad Ali, (Rahimyar Khan). 14. Dr. Mohammad Ishaque, (Lahore).
15. Dr. Nisar Ahmad, (Lahore). 16. Dr. Akhtar Ali, (Lahore).

President and Secretary were automatically members of the executive body making it 18. The convenor thanked the house once again. Annual subscription fee was decided to be Rs. 10 and membership fee was also Rs. 10.

It was also decided that the minutes of the proceedings will be published in “Medicus” (the only medical journal published at that time). Dr. T. Ahmed from (Dacca) though regretted not to take part but did send a letter dated 16.12.1957 wishing us well. Then Dr. Raja Mumtaz, the convenor thanked the house and the meeting was adjourned.

A news item appeared in the local newpaper “Pakistan Times” on 18th Dec. regarding this inaugural meeting.

After the formation of OSP, regular monthly clinical meetings were started at Mayo Hospital where Dr. Raja Mumtaz was posted as assistant professor. In these clinical meetings, interesting cases were presented and discussed amongst the teaching staff, residents and post graduate trainees This arrangement continued for quite some time.

The news of the establishment of OSP was communicated to the World body for enlistment with the International Council of Ophthalmology. Letter Dated 28.03.1958 was written to Mr. Hartman in this connection. Dr. A. C. Cooper was also contacted for a space in “Index Medicus”, and Dr. Cooper replied on 21.04.1959 (Letter reproduced).

The newly established society was well received even by foreign ophthalmologists. One of the letter by Dr. Roland I. Pritikin is reproduced. He was the first foreign member enlisted in August 1958 (Letter attached)

Dr. Raja Mumtaz
Sec. Ophth. Soc. of Pakistan

Dear Colleague:
Although the proofs of this new index were ready yet, I found some open space to mention your new society. It is, however, impossible now to include further data / lists of members etc).
have sent your letter forward to Dr. Hartmen, Pri Secretary of the Int-Council. You may contact him about joining the Int. Federation of Ophthalmology Societies.

Most Sincerely Yours
(Signed) A. C. Cooper

Dr. Raja Mumtaz, 70 Nedous Hotel, Lahore - Pakistan

August 1, 1958

Dear Doctor Mumtaz : While in Pakistan last year (at Shikarpur), I felt that Pakistan should have an Ophthalmological society. I am very happy indeed that this organization has been formed. Have read several papers on eye surgery lately before medical and ophthalmological groups, including eye surgery in Pakistan. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. Perhaps, I should be enrolled as a member of the organization.
With all kindest regards, I remain

Sincerely yours
Rolland I. Pritikin, M.D.
P. S. My Kindest regards to Prof. M. Basheer

In February 1959, Lt. Gen. Burki expressed has inability to carry on as President of the Society through his letter of 20th February 1959.

The O.S.P Lahore was happy to affiliate the East Pakistan Society and a letter in this regard was written to Professor M.A Jalil, Dacca on 18th June 1961.

After the resignation of Lt. Gen. Burki from the society in February 1959 fresh elections were held to elect new office bearers in April 1960 and the followings were elected.

President Prof. R. A. Syed
Vice President Prof. M. H. Alvi
Secretary Dr. Raja Mumtaz
Joint Secretary Dr. M. Ishaque
Treasurer Dr. Akhtar Ali Sheikh

In 1964, Dr. Raja Mumtaz had to go to UK for a year on study scholarship, Dr. M. Yaqin was asked to act as secretary during his absence. During this period the activities of the society kept on as usual, but the war in 1965 caused cessation of the programs of the society.

On 28th February 1966, fresh elections were held and the following office bearers were voted in:

President Dr. Lt. Gen. S. M. A. Farooqi
Vice President Prof. M. H. Alvi
Secretary Dr. Raja Mumtaz
Joint Secretary Dr. Sajjad Ahmad
Treasurer Dr. M. Siddique Faridi

The OSP took a lot of interest in uplift of the profession and got itself recognised by the International Federation of Ophthalmological Societies on 23-08-1966.

First ever Ophthalmic Conference in Pakistan was organized in Jan 1968 at KEMC Lahore. Dr. Dil M. Mirza introduced Cryosurgery with the Cryoinstrument that he developed at Cairin’s Hospital Lahore. Regular monthly clinical meetings were continued at Fatima Jinnah Medical College, where Prof. Raja Mumtaz had shifted in 1967. All these meetings were meticulously documented by the General Secretary OSP, Prof Raja Mumtaz.

It was high time that the society considered to start an annual conference where doctors from all parts of the country would attend it, present their papers and discuss various academic problems.

Therefore the first conference of its kind in Pakistan was planned and a letter was written to the administrator of King Edward Medical College for permission to hold the conference at KEMC in the same lecture hall where OSP was founded in 1957. The president of the society was Prof. Ramzan Ali Syed at that time.