Welcome to Ophthalmological Society Of Pakistan OSP

Achievements of OSP

Achievements of OSP:

  • Leadership Programe under OSP with National and International facilitators.
  • Regular publication of Pakistan Journal of Ophthalmology.
  • Regular conduct of National and International Ophthalmology Conference, across pakistan.
  • Constitutional Amendments and publication of new Constitution
  • Development and Launching of OSP Centre Website
  • Invitation, organization and Coordination in the visit of foreign dignitaries like President and Vice President of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London.
  • Participation in the International Congresses like APAO Bangkok 2003, Afro Asian at Istanbul Turkey 2004, APAO Malaysia 2005, APAO Singapore 2006, Afro Asian Congresses at Morocco 2007 and world Ophthalmology Congress 2008.
  • Organized and conducted of Instruction Course on Galucoma at APAO Malaysia for the first in the history of country.
  • Development of Sub Specialty Interest Groups.