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Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan (OSP) Research Foundation was created in 1996-98. The list of people who graciously donated money to this foundation is enclosed as annex-1. The mechanism of utilization of the fund through various national committees was formulated.

OSP Education Foundation has been on the agenda of a number of subsequent meetings. Unfortunately this foundation has not yet been functional. However, It has been decided that after February 2007, OSP would heavily invest in OSP Education Foundation and then the two foundations may be merged into a single foundation called OSP Education and Research Foundation.

Contributories to the OSP Research Fund

S.No Name Amount
1 Professor Raja Mumtaz Rs. 350,000
2 Professor Muhammad Daud Khan 100,000
3 Professor Lateef Chaudhry 100,000
4 Dr. Mohammad Yaqin 100,000
5 Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed 100,000
6 Professor Ziaud Din Shaikh 100,000
7 Dr. Sharif Hashmani 100,000
8 Prof. Saleh Memon 1,000
9 Dr. Muhammad Aman Khan 10,000
10 Dr. M. H. Shehzad 100,000
11 Prof. Manzoor A. Mirza 100,000
12 Prof. Shad Mohammad 100,000
13 Dr. Niaz Ahmed 14,000
14 Dr. Babar Qureshi 5,000
15 Haji Ameeruddin and Sons 100,000
16 Remington Pharma 100,000
17 Alcon Pharma 100,000
18 Mr. Stuart Groves 41,000
19 Professor Shariful Hassan 10,000